“Black on Track”

Ello ello,

This post will be brief and dark.

Surprisingly from a young age I never took to black, was always a lover of whites, greys and bright colours, and felt black was too heavy a commitment. I believed those who wore it used it to hide away and I was never that person,  it was never my taste. Like the distaste I had for the wine my mum used to drink; neither sat too well.

However, as I grew older my taste buds matured along with my style in clothes; the wine tasted better, I realised clothes needn’t always be so bold, and I had less reason to try to stand out. Growing up I loved being a big fish in a small pond… now I prefer to be a small fish in a large ocean ( drinking a large glass of Merlot)!

So, from me to you…my education/ maturity – Black.


My take on a classic black outfit, from James Dean to, well , me. This look has been carried through the decades whilst evolving and adapting to current trends.


This hooded cardigan has a great fit, a muscle fit if u will. It’s a brand new to me but one that I’m sure to get right involved with, The Couture Club. An English made brand with a laid back style- fair to say its right up my street!


The Couture Club

BLACK FOOT CLOSE UP_edited-1.jpg

Jeans are the super skinny style from Topman – I advise you to get a size larger in the waist to get a fit like this,otherwise you really will be left with jeans looking like tights.And nicely finished off with my all black Converse All Star high tops, these are a great staple addition to any wardrobe.


This top is ace, but I don’t think it is sold anymore but if interested I could be wrong, look on H&M’s website  or eBay as it is almost a year old.


blog leather 2.jpg

Finally, the leather jacket is from Topman. Bought from a store in New York For 250 dollars, they had a very large range of quality leather, for reasonable prices, but I would say a leather jacket is a key investment piece that you may consider splashing out on. In my opinion a black leather Jacket should appear at least once on your weekly wear. A key piece, that will last a good ten years and will never go out of style.


Thanks for taking an interest in my education 🙂

Have great week, and don’t shy away from black- you needn’t wear pink to stand out!

See you all in few days,




“Soft Styles”

Hey everyone, before I continue I’d just like to say thanks to all who read, commented and shared my last blog “Just Baccus”. I wasn’t expecting such interest from the get go, so couldn’t be happier to bring you my second in fairly quick succession.

As probably expected being a dancer and regular gym goer, I spend half my life in lounge wear, I thought it only fitting to show a couple of my latest buys from http://www.BaccusStore.co.uk. Making comfort look as good as it feels.

Illusive London


Illusive London: Ever so slightly in love with this outfit. It’s fresh, clean and comfortable. The shape of the hoodie is great with a two way zip (which I often use to alter the fit if needed). Camel is bang on trend. I think this piece speaks for itself…Illusive London I salute you!

illusive LDN


Franklin and Marshall

baccus rowan 8

baccus rowan 9

I often find it difficult finding a sweater to cater for my chest and arms without losing shape elsewhere. In this case, Franklin and Marshall have nailed the slim fit.

baccus rowan 10

Franklin Marshall: This lounger makes for a great piece to be worn with matching bottoms or mixed with light denim jeans, or for the warmer coming days I’ve matched the bottoms with a plain vest: white, grey, black or khaki. The beauty of this is its simplicity, in style and colour, making it easy when mixing things up a bit.


Items in this blog can all be found in Baccus Colchester store or online at http://www.BaccusStore.co.uk along with an extensive line of other top end and up and coming brands.

Look forward to your feedback, feel free to let me know if there are any particular styles you’d like me look into in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned,





“Just Baccus”

A taste of Spring coming to you directly from My Favourite Store!


baccus rowan 2

Rose London Nude – Simple – Fresh – Must have.


So, over the past few months I have become more and more interested in shooting my favourite looks and styles using mainly Instagram as my platform. The more interest I receive the more I’ve realised blogging is the answer. So here it is…

I am happy to say I have the pleasure of collaborating with my favourite shop in Essex, Baccus Store Colchester. With such a variation of brands, from lounge to formal wear, I always find an item (or 6) that I like. You can imagine my excitement when Baccus gave me a free rein to put together my favourite pieces to showcase.

Here are a few…


baccus rowan 11

Recently nude has become quite the trend, so this piece from Judas Sinned was a winner for me. The colour and fit made it a must have.

baccus rowan 5

Love my Converse “Chuck Taylors”, and the tapered bottom to these SikSilk khaki jeans finish the look well.

baccus rowan 3

Classic white T on Denim

baccus rowan

I’ve never been one for ‘over dressing’ so this very clean classic colour combo is me all over, casual and timeless. But by changing the cut of the jean you can keep style on trend. These jeans from BeeInspired are a carrot fit with unbelievable amounts of stretch in them; anyone that knows me, knows stretch is a must for my lifestyle! Not only does it give the denim a great finish but with my energy I’m forever breaking into dance or the splits! This extra stretch saves me splitting my jeans as I used to so very often! The T-shirt is Judas Sinned Scoop neck.

baccus rowan 7

I find by adding brown accessories to this outfit always works, be it a belt, shoes or if you’re like me and carry your world around with you, a bag.

baccus rowan 6

Thanks for taking the time to view my post, more to come very soon.


If you’re interested in Baccus head over to their website http://www.BaccusStore.co.uk online, or pop into the store; 2 sir isaacs walk,Colchester, Essex, CO1 1JJ. It really is worth a look. I’ll also be keeping you up to date every couple of weeks with a new blog on Baccus and what’s in store.

Look forward to your feedback,

Have a great day.