Before my usual menials, could I please ask that you read this in a somewhat laddish tone? As I fear, I may not be seen as much of one by the time the ink is dry!

I, for one, cannot wait to get back into the swing of things; with work and blogging. This time around though, the content (as you have probably guessed) is slightly different.

I want my blog this year to show more of what makes me happy (in addition to having my picture taken!).
If you follow my instagram you’ll know what’s coming next, and for those who don’t;
Meet Sid…

This little one is an 8 month old “Chorkie“. I’ve never known an animal with so much charisma. She believes herself to be human, so its to be expected!



I’m hoping the butch voice is still going strong because it’s quite clear now that this little thing has turned me to mush; I couldn’t ever imagine being the guy that would walk a dog of this size; in fact I won’t lie,I didn’t want to! Dogs like this, to me, were seen as accessories for ladies what lunch. As you can imagine, I didn’t have very much say in the matter lol, and just as well, because I’d have let that macho BS come between me and meeting my pup.


Don’t get me wrong, when I’m walking around half naked in summer with a pet the size of a ferret on a lead I can only imagine what it will look like lol. Truth be told though, this little one has been great fun and a great companion. She’s always excited to see me, doesn’t ever leave my side and brings me so much happiness. No matter how my day has gone her temperament is always in tune with what I need. She reads me like a book and loves me unconditionally.


Oh and its a bonus she’s a born poser.You little BEAUT! Thanks Sid x

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