“A year spent in the best possible fashion”

Hey guys and gals, first of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s quite possibly been the fastest to date (said to become shorter as you get older) and as time has flown so has my following. I’m humbled by how my blogging has been received over the past 12 months, thank you. The year ahead looks set to be even bigger!

Apologies for the inconsistency and frequency of my posts (say that fast) but such is life, I’m only human 🙂


Central Park, New York. Jumper Zara 

In the short space of a matter of months I have worked with 50 plus brands; from sports wear and the latest up and coming garms, to the more establishished brands like Boo hoo. I have loved every moment and started to make a career from what initially was nothing more than a bit of fun. So once again thank you to all I have worked with.

Here are a few of my favourites –

Boohoo 15

Richmond, London. Shoes Asos. clothes and accessories Boo hoo

blog leather 2

Clerkenwell,London. Biker look.Leather jacket and jeans Topman. Hoodie the couture club

Busta 1

Wildlife festival, I really don’t care what he wears, I only know its a larger size then that of years past. Do we care? It’s Busta Rhymes!!

I digress …

bmouth senim

Bournemouth. Zara jumper.


And thats that! A new venture, lots learned, more gained than I thought possible. The sun has set on 2016 and I now look forward to it rising on the coming months, 2017 you sexy bitch… you’re mine!

See you all very soon,

Im out,


(drops the mic)

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