“Creature Couture”

Hey folks, how the hell are we all?!
Sorry for such a delay since my last blog but the past month has been pretty crazy with the tour and working with soooo many brands, photo shoots etc. My backside has forgotten what it is to sit!

So now I’m back with an insight into one of my pal’s brands. I’ll be shocked if you don’t agree with me on this one…
Ross Worswick, from Ex on the beach (he’ll hate me for saying that) has created a fairly contemporary , understated brand The Couture Club.

You may have noticed that I keep my style minimalist and clean. I often shy away from over branding. I know we are all different, but I don’t need the world to know the brand I’m wearing, be it Prada or Primark- if I like it I’m wearing it. The Couture Club, as an English made brand, ticks most of my boxes- it offers variety and fit in a subtle and effortless way… less is more.

couture club

Here is a banging combo- the Slumber cardigan and the Inkwell denim jeans. The cardigan is a great fit on the shoulder and arms,shape maintained even after countless washes. A medium thickness so can be worn on summer’s evening or layered up with a leather jacket for a British summer’s day! 😉



The fit of these jeans is ideal for a casual look. The best way to describe it would be that 90’s diet coke guy, don’t you think?! Or maybe featured in the Bon Jovi music video ‘Always’?! I’m sure the ladies know what I’m talking about? For fear of losing my male audience I’ll include better analogies in future! The jeans also have a zip at the ankle, making undressing far easier and still maintaining the tapered fit.


Lotan Roof top Couture

Classic white T, Amaro T-shirt

All Black

The Reyes polo is a modern take on the classic polo, with a touch of stretch for a closer fit and made long-line to keep up with current trend. I’ve never been one for a polo, so to get me in one is saying something. The bottoms are Black Inkwell Destroyed jeans, similar fit to the blue jeans only without the zip at the ankle which can make taking them off more of a challenge as they’re very tapered at the bottom.

Couture Black_edited-1

the couture club me and jd

Mixing it up. I’m wearing the Sierra II hoody with the Black Inkwell Destroyed jeans, and Jordan has on the Reyes Polol with the black Slumber cardigan and Sierra II bottoms


So that’s it for a few days, but stay tuned as loads to come. 🙂
I am going to set up my lifestyle page in the coming weeks, which will aim to show you all that goes on behind the scenes- in between the posing and bad jokes!

It’s been emotional, signing off.

Love to all.


For the full range featured here got to www.thecoutureclub.co.uk.


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