“Wildlife feat. BoohooMan”

Opening pic Boohoo blog

Hi all hope you’re well? Since my last blog I’ve had the pleasure of representing BoohooMan at the Wildlife festival, and just as I expected, it was awesome! The atmosphere was incredible, the staff were great and people were friendly. I’ll try to keep this as minimal as possible but I can’t make any promises as I have lots to show you!
So where to begin? I’ll start with a brief breakdown of my outfit by BoohooMan.

Boohoo 14

This outfit I put together from the BoohooMan website. I love a long line fitted top, reason for this is I stand 5″9 with a 44inch chest. I find that long line gives me a leaner look together with the Skinny Knee Ripped Jeans, rather than looking like a meat head! The colour and style combined makes this a key piece in my collection and I’m forever dressing down to dress up, so this Longline Destroyed Jumper combined with the Skinny Knee Ripped and the Chelsea boots were a winner for me, no question.

*Advice* When buying the Skinny knee Ripped Jeans I suggest you increase the waist size by one size as they are a close fit without stretch – if you have a large bottom like mine then it’ll make for a better fit.

Black On Black – with earth tone accessories-

Boohoo 1 copy

So again I’ve gone with the longline, this Asymmetric Black vest is simple and well fitted (perfect festival wear) and could just as easily be dressed up. This item is definitely one of my favourite pieces from this outfit. Summer time I live in a vest, so I’m always on the lookout for best fit and style.

Boohoo 7

Boohoo 10.jpg

The Acts


My highlight for the afternoon had to be Busta Rhymes! Being 27 I’m possibly still on the younger side of those who consider him “their era” when he stormed the nineties and early naughties. Nevertheless, I’ve always appreciated the talent of the man and it was great to see those ten years my junior having that same appreciation. No joke… it went OFF! His performance was energetic (surprisingly as he’s a tad bigger than he used to be), stage presence was great and charisma was infectious. Buss Buss you owned it!

Busta 1

The day continued to get better as I returned for the third time to the burger bar in the Guest Area, I couldn’t help myself, the food was ridiculous and I just couldn’t stop eating! Whilst at the bar, my partner spotted a petite lady top to toe in black with a Boohoo label on her jeans, not one to stand on ceremony she sweeps in to ask for a picture for my best dressed of the day only to find out she was a fellow Boohoo rep. Guys and girls I give you Mpho…..

PHO boojoo.jpg

His and hers

Going into the evening I was happy to chill, have drink and watch Annie Mac on the Main Stage, blessed by the weather and taking in the atmosphere, totally content as I awaited the headlining act Disclosure.


Nothing short of show stopping, I continuously tried to capture this performance on camera but even with so many pictures I can’t depict the electric ambience! Disclosure came on and tore it up for over 90 mins, people were being crowd surfed to the press pit where I was stood. Disclosure whipped the crowd up into a frenzy which was fantastic to watch, and even better to feel a part of. I have never really listened to much of Disclosure’s music prior to being here but after the first two minutes I wondered if there was an age or weight limit to this crowd surfing stuff! I was hyped, Wildlife festival has made a fan of me. In the words of Paul Weller, “That’s entertainment”


Before I sign off Id’d just like to thank everyone involved in my being at wildlife,the staff in at the bars and food tents for not judging how much I ate, to the guys and girls working for Listen Up taking me to and from the press pit and taking care of Lizzie and me whilst we were there.So happy to have met such a cool bunch of people at an equally impressive event. And of course BoohooMan for allowing me this opportunity, I had a great time and it didn’t for a second feel like work.


boohoo bye.JPG

Please watch the slide show below, just a few more of my favourite shots. Feel free to give your feed back as this is my first time blogging such an event so anything you’d like to see in future blogs on upcoming festivals, I’m all ears.

Its been epic,


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