“Black on Track”

Ello ello,

This post will be brief and dark.

Surprisingly from a young age I never took to black, was always a lover of whites, greys and bright colours, and felt black was too heavy a commitment. I believed those who wore it used it to hide away and I was never that person,  it was never my taste. Like the distaste I had for the wine my mum used to drink; neither sat too well.

However, as I grew older my taste buds matured along with my style in clothes; the wine tasted better, I realised clothes needn’t always be so bold, and I had less reason to try to stand out. Growing up I loved being a big fish in a small pond… now I prefer to be a small fish in a large ocean ( drinking a large glass of Merlot)!

So, from me to you…my education/ maturity – Black.


My take on a classic black outfit, from James Dean to, well , me. This look has been carried through the decades whilst evolving and adapting to current trends.


This hooded cardigan has a great fit, a muscle fit if u will. It’s a brand new to me but one that I’m sure to get right involved with, The Couture Club. An English made brand with a laid back style- fair to say its right up my street!


The Couture Club

BLACK FOOT CLOSE UP_edited-1.jpg

Jeans are the super skinny style from Topman – I advise you to get a size larger in the waist to get a fit like this,otherwise you really will be left with jeans looking like tights.And nicely finished off with my all black Converse All Star high tops, these are a great staple addition to any wardrobe.


This top is ace, but I don’t think it is sold anymore but if interested I could be wrong, look on H&M’s website  or eBay as it is almost a year old.


blog leather 2.jpg

Finally, the leather jacket is from Topman. Bought from a store in New York For 250 dollars, they had a very large range of quality leather, for reasonable prices, but I would say a leather jacket is a key investment piece that you may consider splashing out on. In my opinion a black leather Jacket should appear at least once on your weekly wear. A key piece, that will last a good ten years and will never go out of style.


Thanks for taking an interest in my education 🙂

Have great week, and don’t shy away from black- you needn’t wear pink to stand out!

See you all in few days,




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