“Soft Styles”

Hey everyone, before I continue I’d just like to say thanks to all who read, commented and shared my last blog “Just Baccus”. I wasn’t expecting such interest from the get go, so couldn’t be happier to bring you my second in fairly quick succession.

As probably expected being a dancer and regular gym goer, I spend half my life in lounge wear, I thought it only fitting to show a couple of my latest buys from http://www.BaccusStore.co.uk. Making comfort look as good as it feels.

Illusive London


Illusive London: Ever so slightly in love with this outfit. It’s fresh, clean and comfortable. The shape of the hoodie is great with a two way zip (which I often use to alter the fit if needed). Camel is bang on trend. I think this piece speaks for itself…Illusive London I salute you!

illusive LDN


Franklin and Marshall

baccus rowan 8

baccus rowan 9

I often find it difficult finding a sweater to cater for my chest and arms without losing shape elsewhere. In this case, Franklin and Marshall have nailed the slim fit.

baccus rowan 10

Franklin Marshall: This lounger makes for a great piece to be worn with matching bottoms or mixed with light denim jeans, or for the warmer coming days I’ve matched the bottoms with a plain vest: white, grey, black or khaki. The beauty of this is its simplicity, in style and colour, making it easy when mixing things up a bit.


Items in this blog can all be found in Baccus Colchester store or online at http://www.BaccusStore.co.uk along with an extensive line of other top end and up and coming brands.

Look forward to your feedback, feel free to let me know if there are any particular styles you’d like me look into in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned,





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