“Just Baccus”

A taste of Spring coming to you directly from My Favourite Store!


baccus rowan 2

Rose London Nude – Simple – Fresh – Must have.


So, over the past few months I have become more and more interested in shooting my favourite looks and styles using mainly Instagram as my platform. The more interest I receive the more I’ve realised blogging is the answer. So here it is…

I am happy to say I have the pleasure of collaborating with my favourite shop in Essex, Baccus Store Colchester. With such a variation of brands, from lounge to formal wear, I always find an item (or 6) that I like. You can imagine my excitement when Baccus gave me a free rein to put together my favourite pieces to showcase.

Here are a few…


baccus rowan 11

Recently nude has become quite the trend, so this piece from Judas Sinned was a winner for me. The colour and fit made it a must have.

baccus rowan 5

Love my Converse “Chuck Taylors”, and the tapered bottom to these SikSilk khaki jeans finish the look well.

baccus rowan 3

Classic white T on Denim

baccus rowan

I’ve never been one for ‘over dressing’ so this very clean classic colour combo is me all over, casual and timeless. But by changing the cut of the jean you can keep style on trend. These jeans from BeeInspired are a carrot fit with unbelievable amounts of stretch in them; anyone that knows me, knows stretch is a must for my lifestyle! Not only does it give the denim a great finish but with my energy I’m forever breaking into dance or the splits! This extra stretch saves me splitting my jeans as I used to so very often! The T-shirt is Judas Sinned Scoop neck.

baccus rowan 7

I find by adding brown accessories to this outfit always works, be it a belt, shoes or if you’re like me and carry your world around with you, a bag.

baccus rowan 6

Thanks for taking the time to view my post, more to come very soon.


If you’re interested in Baccus head over to their website http://www.BaccusStore.co.uk online, or pop into the store; 2 sir isaacs walk,Colchester, Essex, CO1 1JJ. It really is worth a look. I’ll also be keeping you up to date every couple of weeks with a new blog on Baccus and what’s in store.

Look forward to your feedback,

Have a great day.




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