Before my usual menials, could I please ask that you read this in a somewhat laddish tone? As I fear, I may not be seen as much of one by the time the ink is dry!

I, for one, cannot wait to get back into the swing of things; with work and blogging. This time around though, the content (as you have probably guessed) is slightly different.

I want my blog this year to show more of what makes me happy (in addition to having my picture taken!).
If you follow my instagram you’ll know what’s coming next, and for those who don’t;
Meet Sid…

This little one is an 8 month old “Chorkie“. I’ve never known an animal with so much charisma. She believes herself to be human, so its to be expected!



I’m hoping the butch voice is still going strong because it’s quite clear now that this little thing has turned me to mush; I couldn’t ever imagine being the guy that would walk a dog of this size; in fact I won’t lie,I didn’t want to! Dogs like this, to me, were seen as accessories for ladies what lunch. As you can imagine, I didn’t have very much say in the matter lol, and just as well, because I’d have let that macho BS come between me and meeting my pup.


Don’t get me wrong, when I’m walking around half naked in summer with a pet the size of a ferret on a lead I can only imagine what it will look like lol. Truth be told though, this little one has been great fun and a great companion. She’s always excited to see me, doesn’t ever leave my side and brings me so much happiness. No matter how my day has gone her temperament is always in tune with what I need. She reads me like a book and loves me unconditionally.


Oh and its a bonus she’s a born poser.You little BEAUT! Thanks Sid x

“A year spent in the best possible fashion”

Hey guys and gals, first of all,¬†HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s quite possibly been the fastest to date (said to become shorter as you get older) and as time has flown so has my following. I’m humbled by how my blogging has been received over the past 12 months, thank you. The year ahead looks set to be even bigger!

Apologies for the inconsistency and frequency of my posts (say that fast) but such is life, I’m only human ūüôā


Central Park, New York. Jumper Zara 

In the short space of a matter of months I have worked with 50 plus brands; from sports wear and the latest up and coming garms, to the more establishished brands like Boo hoo. I have loved every moment and started to make a career from what initially was nothing more than a bit of fun. So once again thank you to all I have worked with.

Here are a few of my favourites –

Boohoo 15

Richmond, London. Shoes Asos. clothes and accessories Boo hoo

blog leather 2

Clerkenwell,London. Biker look.Leather jacket and jeans Topman. Hoodie the couture club

Busta 1

Wildlife festival, I really don’t care what he wears, I only know its a larger size then that of years past. Do we care? It’s Busta Rhymes!!

I digress …

bmouth senim

Bournemouth. Zara jumper.


And thats that! A new venture, lots learned, more gained than I thought possible. The sun has set on 2016 and I now look forward to it rising on the coming months, 2017 you sexy bitch… you’re mine!

See you all very soon,

Im out,


(drops the mic)

“Creature Couture”

Hey folks, how the hell are we all?!
Sorry for such a delay since my last blog but the past month has been pretty crazy with the tour and working with soooo many brands, photo shoots etc. My backside has forgotten what it is to sit!

So now I’m back with an insight into one of my pal’s brands.¬†I’ll be shocked if you don’t agree with me on this one…
Ross Worswick,¬†from Ex on the beach (he’ll hate me for saying that) has created a fairly contemporary , understated brand The Couture Club.

You may have noticed that I keep my style¬†minimalist and clean. I often shy away from over branding. I know we are all different, but¬†I don’t need the world to know the brand I’m wearing, be it Prada or Primark- if¬†I like it I’m wearing it. The Couture Club, as an English made brand, ticks most of my boxes- it offers variety and fit in a subtle¬†and effortless¬†way… less is more.

couture club

Here is a banging combo- the Slumber cardigan and the Inkwell denim jeans. The cardigan is a great fit on the shoulder and arms,shape maintained even after countless washes. A medium thickness so can be worn on summer’s evening or layered up with a leather jacket¬†for a British¬†summer’s day! ūüėČ



The fit of these jeans is¬†ideal for a casual look. The best way to describe it would be that 90’s diet coke guy, don’t you think?! Or maybe¬†featured in the Bon Jovi music video ‘Always’?! I’m sure the ladies know what I’m talking about? For fear of losing my male audience I’ll¬†include¬†better analogies in future! The jeans¬†also have a zip at the ankle, making undressing far easier and still maintaining the tapered fit.


Lotan Roof top Couture

Classic white T, Amaro T-shirt

All Black

The Reyes polo is a modern take on the classic polo, with a touch of stretch for a closer fit and made long-line to keep up with current trend. I’ve never been one for a polo, so to get me in one is saying something. The bottoms are Black Inkwell Destroyed jeans, similar fit to the blue jeans only without the zip at the ankle which can make taking them off more of a challenge as they’re very tapered at the bottom.

Couture Black_edited-1

the couture club me and jd

Mixing it up. I’m wearing the Sierra II hoody with the Black Inkwell Destroyed jeans, and Jordan has on the Reyes Polol with the black Slumber cardigan and Sierra II bottoms


So that’s it for a few days, but stay tuned as loads to come. ūüôā
I am going to set up my lifestyle page in the coming weeks, which will aim to show you all that goes on behind the scenes- in between the posing and bad jokes!

It’s been emotional, signing off.

Love to all.


For the full range featured here got to


“Wildlife feat. BoohooMan”

Opening pic Boohoo blog

Hi all hope you’re well? Since my last blog I’ve had the pleasure of representing BoohooMan at the Wildlife festival, and just as I expected, it was awesome! The atmosphere was incredible, the staff were great and people were friendly. I’ll try to keep this as minimal as possible but I can’t make any promises as I have lots to show you!
So where to begin? I’ll start with a brief breakdown of my outfit by BoohooMan.

Boohoo 14

This outfit I put together from the BoohooMan website. I love a long line fitted top, reason for this is I stand 5″9 with a 44inch chest. I find that long line gives me a leaner look together with the Skinny Knee Ripped Jeans, rather than looking like a meat head! The colour and style combined makes this a key piece in my collection and I’m forever dressing down to dress up, so this Longline Destroyed Jumper combined with the Skinny Knee Ripped and the Chelsea boots were a winner for me, no question.

*Advice* When buying the Skinny knee Ripped Jeans I suggest you increase the waist size by one size as they are a close fit without stretch – if you have a large bottom like mine then it’ll make for a better fit.

Black On Black – with earth tone accessories-

Boohoo 1 copy

So again I’ve gone with the longline, this Asymmetric Black vest is simple and well fitted (perfect festival wear) and could just as easily be dressed up. This item is definitely one of my favourite pieces from this outfit. Summer time I live in a vest, so I’m always on the lookout for best fit and style.

Boohoo 7

Boohoo 10.jpg

The Acts


My highlight for the afternoon had to be Busta Rhymes! Being 27 I’m possibly still on the younger side of those who consider him “their era” when he stormed the nineties and early naughties. Nevertheless, I’ve always appreciated the talent of the man and it was great to see those ten years my junior having that same appreciation. No joke… it went OFF! His performance was energetic (surprisingly as he’s a tad bigger than he used to be), stage presence was great and charisma was infectious. Buss Buss you owned it!

Busta 1

The day continued to get better as I returned for the third time to the burger bar in the Guest Area, I couldn’t help myself, the food was ridiculous and I just couldn’t stop eating! Whilst at the bar, my partner spotted a petite lady top to toe in black with a Boohoo label on her jeans, not one to stand on ceremony she sweeps in to ask for a picture for my best dressed of the day only to find out she was a fellow Boohoo rep. Guys and girls I give you Mpho…..

PHO boojoo.jpg

His and hers

Going into the evening I was happy to chill, have drink and watch Annie Mac on the Main Stage, blessed by the weather and taking in the atmosphere, totally content as I awaited the headlining act Disclosure.


Nothing short of show stopping, I continuously tried to capture this performance on camera but even with so many pictures I can’t depict the electric ambience! Disclosure came on and tore it up for over 90 mins, people were being crowd surfed to the press pit where I was stood. Disclosure whipped the crowd up into a frenzy which was fantastic to watch, and even better to feel a part of. I have never really listened to much of Disclosure’s music prior to being here but after the first two minutes I wondered if there was an age or weight limit to this crowd surfing stuff! I was hyped, Wildlife festival has made a fan of me. In the words of Paul Weller, “That’s entertainment”


Before I sign off Id’d just like to thank everyone involved in my being at wildlife,the staff in at the bars and food tents for not judging how much I ate, to the guys and girls working for Listen Up taking me to and from the press pit and taking care of Lizzie and me whilst we were there.So happy to have met such a cool bunch of people at an equally impressive event. And of course BoohooMan for allowing me this opportunity, I had a great time and it didn’t for a second feel like work.


boohoo bye.JPG

Please watch the slide show below, just a few more of my favourite shots. Feel free to give your feed back as this is my first time blogging such an event so anything you’d like to see in future blogs on upcoming festivals, I’m all ears.

Its been epic,


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“Bee Inspired”

Evening folks, since my last article lots has been happening! I was pleased to see my first blog on Baccus received recognition from brands sold in the store and this has resulted in Bee Inspired becoming the official clothing sponsor of The DreamBoys Tour.

I’ve been very fortunate to find such a quality brand that caters to my taste in clothing and lifestyle. Bee Inspired creates clothing to suit¬†all aspects¬†of life from lounge wear to evening attire; I’ve sampled some below to give you a quick insight to how their clothing can be¬†styled.


Bee Inspired outfit

THE NUDE STRIKES AGAIN…you can’t get away from it at the moment, and to be fair why would you want to? It’s clean and slick.

Bee blog_edited-1

This jacket is a slim fitted mac, a very thin waterproof material perfect for our British summer! However, if you are a gym goer please take into account that you may need to size up to gain a little more room on the back and chest. I am wearing a large.

bee inspired crop

Now these jeans are crafted to perfection (for me). I’ve never owned a pair or skinny fit jeans with so much stretch, I can quite literally do a floor routine in these! (gymnastics) These jeans are also¬†featured on my “Just Baccus” only in the lighter wash, so again a carrot fit.

bee jacket jeans blog

Bee jacket and jean

Thanks for having a little look at what I have been up to, if you have any interest in Bee Inspired¬†check out their instagram page: @beeinspiredclothing or for the full range- and by using DISCOUNT CODE : DREAMBOYS10 you’ll get 10% off all purchases.

Stay tuned to get another look at all of us DreamBoys in various outfits from Bee Inspired.

Another great week

See you in a few days guys,